Monday, July 26, 2010

just a few new images from recent days that I am back in Rota and trying to pack more stuff to be ready for the next future trips I have to make to move my stuff from Spain to the states... not easy at all but not impossible either.

The last three has now completely destroyed two more suitcases, for a total of three suitcases useless. This is a lesson: do not pack your suitcases to the limit (in this case 70lbs each) and buy a durable suitcase that will last and endure. I just feel sorry for the people who had to handle my luggage and the pain it was as it was falling apart.

The weather has been completely HOT or hotter. So I am back to my pre-USA routine of summertime 29hours a day use of several fans throughout my apartment, including one 50cm-wide fan that blows me away in the wind-storm sometimes. It helps a bit but never as effective as I wish it should be. I am just dreading August when the temperature will really rise... yes, hotter than it is now.I am quickly discovering a bike ride through the town even in the hot sol is better than an unplanned siesta in a hot apartment that I call my summertime "oven".