Monday, July 26, 2010

just a few new images from recent days that I am back in Rota and trying to pack more stuff to be ready for the next future trips I have to make to move my stuff from Spain to the states... not easy at all but not impossible either.

The last three has now completely destroyed two more suitcases, for a total of three suitcases useless. This is a lesson: do not pack your suitcases to the limit (in this case 70lbs each) and buy a durable suitcase that will last and endure. I just feel sorry for the people who had to handle my luggage and the pain it was as it was falling apart.

The weather has been completely HOT or hotter. So I am back to my pre-USA routine of summertime 29hours a day use of several fans throughout my apartment, including one 50cm-wide fan that blows me away in the wind-storm sometimes. It helps a bit but never as effective as I wish it should be. I am just dreading August when the temperature will really rise... yes, hotter than it is now.I am quickly discovering a bike ride through the town even in the hot sol is better than an unplanned siesta in a hot apartment that I call my summertime "oven".

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July Fourth in the states....

....for me will be in a military passenger terminal, waiting for a flight eastward to Spain, back to my apartment to start anew the work in clearing out my mess. Just spent a week-long weekend in California after delivering yet another two suitcases full of my life-belongings, and have many more trips remaining before I am done. Can't wait to return as the a/c I am experiencing throughout my time here has been wrecking hell on my allergies and sinuses, and to finally leave cannot be soon enough! Though I was on the road today, I managed to catch the last half of the Spain world cup match, and am so happy the spaniards are still in the game!!! I could almost hear the millions of spaniards screaming and cheering on their team wearing "red". Though I find it very difficult to follow the matches in the USA, at least I am finding a few places when one can listen to, or even SEE the matches when on the road. I was even lucky enough to find me a well-priced Spain jersey yesterday, which I wore today while the spanish team played.

Enjoy the pictures and remember I also have a lot of pics displayed at my newest website!!

i love lines!!

lines and windmills

it still supports though dead and broken

we will never forget!

i now know the difference between a HARE and a rabbit!!
or a jackrabbit!!

watched geese float down a fast-moving stream

a full moon seen at 35,000ft

i love flowers but bees are even more gorgeous!!

humans aren't the only ones who like the beach

trees are gorgeous even in dim light

Friday, June 11, 2010

it's just another day...

as forecast, it did rain almost all day Tuesday and again on Thursday. Both days brought out some fantastic storm clouds - the type that you see in documentaries or movies that make your heart rate increase. I took a break Thursday night to get to the beach as the little sky I could see form my windows hinted of some sunbeams - later there weren't but I wasn't worried too much.

So, I went out to shoot the sunset and I saw this huge rain cloud - actually two of them. One floated over the Atlantic and was huge.... another was to the north and slightly off the coast. I knew that I would get hit by this cloud as the wind comes from off the shoreline, and eventually
as I snapped pixs of the sand designs and sand-trees
I got completely and totally POURED on!! The storm clouds were however great and when the rain came down continually harder and the wind picked up even more, that's when I decided I wasn't waterproof and walked slowly towards a sun tarp set up on the boardwalk for a cafeteria. I was eventually content I got myself out of the rain as it lasted a good 10 - 15minutes!! As the rain subsided I returned to the water's edge, and as I turned to the south - from where I walked originally, I saw a huge complete rainbow starting over Rota and ending in the Atlantic!

By this time my shoes and socks were completely drenched along with fototaker, but he was at least happy he saw a Rota rainbow!!More pictures are on my facebook if you know me there, plus at my fotosite.

Monday, June 7, 2010

sunsets and boxes

unfortunately, cannot get to see a sunset inside a box, but i can surely leave a box to see a sunset!!!


just a few other sets that I've had the pleasure to see since I have been back..... enjoy!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


I've been back in Rota over three months now, hating to move again and going through all of my boxes that I originally packed when I departed here over four years ago. Actually, I've been on strike now for some weeks - boxing and packing can be very depressing....

but I've been going out to snap the sunsets a few times, including tonight when I saw the wispy clouds from my bedroom window... so I went extra early to see if I could get some decent snaps....

Plus checking with an old friend who goes on little day hiking trips with a Rota hiking group, and I have decided when I return from the states, I'll try to sign up again and go on at least one hiking trip a month.... Andalucia is so gorgeous and there's so much I haven't seen yet.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The time always comes sooner or later.....

Rota sunsets are always gorgeous

... to make a critical decision, which I have made. My life, or what I perceive as a life, changes continuously, and now with my life in Rota once again, things have come to such a point that I have decided yet another important stage in my life must be made.

I am moving my stuff back to the states, and will eventually resettle in Eugene. I love the greenery there, the people are just as friendly as in Rota (though they don't speak spanish), and the sunsets are just as wonderful. It'll once again be only the third location in my life where I will not have a ocean near me but for a two hours' drive, that can be resolved.

As I type this, I am in Charleston SC awaiting a flight to Rota, after having gone through my boxes in SF and taken some things out to take with me, and left more of my Rota things in its place. This will be my life for the next year as I continuously fly back and forth to get my things back in the states, then eventually sell my apartment so I can resettle in Eugene permanently. The ash-cloud of mid-April was a nightmare for me and now I cannot get a refund for the unused portion. I expected that response though hearing it hits home sadly. I feel for those who are still away from their homes due to that event, as they possibly face the same fate.

It's not easy being a nomad, not in any life or country..... moving from one country to another is not easy and takes a lot of pre-planning. I just cannot wait to get back to someplace where I can call home and to continue to practice what is my passion: photography.

There are advantages to living in Spain and it's a gorgeous culture and life, but there's just so many things that I cannot tolerate, and a few of those is the constant smoking in restaurants and bars, and my inability to freely practice my love of photography. This has been an ongoing problem for over a decade, and I am putting an end to it. Does it mean I will never return to Rota/España? No, I can return anytime I so desire and I will....
there are other places with sunsets just as gorgeous

Now I just have to get accustomed to speaking english all the time!!! grrrrrrrr

Sunday, March 28, 2010

sunsets remembered

Spanish sunsets.... this is what I remember most about Rota, Spain. Otherwise, it's been a first week back home and delighted recently to see a really nice sunset.

I am on strike again as I look at 25+ boxes filled with my Life and memories from three years ago, then realizing that there are 20 more boxes just as full waiting for me in the states still, that I won't see for about a year. It's so overwhelming to have so much stuff, and to do it all alone. Guess one could compare it to a climber looking up from the depths at a steep sheer cliff.... how?

I've already started my reapplication for my residency permit, but dealt with more paperwork to get and submit, have decided to wait till I return sometime after May to resubmit. You wouldn't believe the stuff I have to go through this time: I actually have to get a city official to visit my apartment to ensure my living conditions and standards are acceptable! Such a change from the last time!

Now that Semana Santa has started, am hoping to get out tonight to catch one of the pasos and processions. I'll be out tonight late to snap some pixs, something I haven't done during this time in over three years!

Enjoy the fotos and here's to a wonderful Holy Week celebration, maybe without rain this year (yeaaa right).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

wheeeew, boxes are heavy!!!

first sunset wasn't a set, but a cloudy day I loved anyway

these two pixs show a little of the gorgeous makeover of the BCN airport! wow!

My first full day has started in my apartment. While it isn't the nightmare disaster I expected, it's still going to be a lot of work. Most of the work will be concentrated in the small bedroom where I still have over 25 boxes full of my past life, and readying that to mix with my current life. What will I do with the those 20+ boxes that is waiting to cross the Atlantic later this year? Such decisions and work....

I don't have butano (like propane and heats the water and provides cooking heat) in my apartment, and this means no hot water for me after three days of planes and airports while carrying 15+ lbs on my back, plus getting those three heavy 50lb suitcases an the big box weighing 74lbs. My microwave still works fortunately so I can heat water for a tea but cannot cook. I am in my apartment, the floor is so clear and clean, and even where the floor is filled with boxes, a few couples can easily dance their time together, manuevering and weaving through the wide expanse of floor space I lacked in SF.

I have already unpacked the folding bicycle and it withstood its trip well. I rode it around and seems the front tire is almost flat. Otherwise it's handled its journey better than me - I have red and blue bruises on my shoulders from carrying that heavy knapsack on my shoulders during those three days.

I discovered the refrigerator doors shut, resulting in a bit of work of cleaning out a lot of mildew but otherwise all seems well.

It feels great to be home, though there's lot of work to be done. A friend in Utah had sent me a letter last Monday and was shocked after going through all my "mail" dating back over a year, to find the letter had beat me!!
NOTE of 22 March: Finally got my butano Saturday night and took my first long hot shower!!!! yaaaay!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

blah blah and blah... what a great life you lead....

Mr. Fototaker. yea right. I wish everyone could lead a month in my shoes. In the two plus years in San Francisco, I walk around with no money in my pockets, because I didn't have any. I would ask for pocket money from my sister but that was always used to buy things for her....

Now I am returning to my empty apartment in southern Spain. Yeaaaaa, you're thinking what a great life. Well, I've been saving up my money (wot money) over these last few years in the states so I can do the maintenance I need to get my apt back to living condition again. I just paid a small fortune (seems that way for me) to ship my stuff to the East Coast and later hope to fly in the winter months to get my stuff, two suitcases at a time. yea yea yeaaaa, what a great life!!!

I just shipped out 20 damn large boxes, suitcases and plastic containers full of my USA life. I thought it would be NO more than 10, so when did this stuff all come from? Plus I never have money to buy anything,..... where did it all come from? To enlighten you a bit: my "souvenirs" are usually my own photos or a receipt from a bus ride, the entry fee paid to enter a state park, etc and I do have a LOT of those; or a free brochure from some place I stopped at.... wow!! this guy's got some great memories!!!!

Yea, yea, yeaaaaaaa what a great life!

So, now everyone thinks I got this great free "benefit" of flying any where free. "Come visit, you can fly free".... yea right.

So I sit in a military terminal in the middle of nowhere, can't go anywhere because I'll have two huge suitcases to watch and lug around! How fun.....

What a great Life!!!!

So, I sit there waiting for a flight and it may take a day or a month (it's happened before) but heck: it's free!!! I love sitting there reading too dam many books, not taking a shower for days/weeks and hey, I don't have to dress down or get dressed every night or morning!! Plus those airport bench chairs are sooo comfortable too!!

Yea right. What a great Life!!!!

Let's see: 560 lbs of stuff shipped to the East Coast. Two suitcases to fill up.... wait for another flight, sitting there all day and it's not open at night, so I have to leave each day and go "somewhere". Maybe a shady tree on the runway would be nice? It shouldn't take more than a few years of flying back and forth, right?

Yea, yea, yeaaaaaaa what a great life!

ooooh, go stuff it!!!! I am goneeeeeeee (but still not done packing nor cleaning!!!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

last days......

and am planning to pack the laptop and external monitor Sunday so will be silent finally, and be able to do the last work. Earlier this week some East Bay friends crossed the bay by BaRT and invited me to a chilly outdoor lunch. I didn't mind at all... even got to see some noisy parrots one last time before leaving. Last night a few friends of my sister invited me with a close friend to dine at Zarzuela, a great spanish restaurant just a few blocks from where I live with my sister. I had dined there previously as a birthday-dinner over a year ago and really loved it... this time was just as great and in addition was treated with a solo rendition in spanish a birthday tribute to a diner. The restaurant was packed - as usual - and Spain-noisy (which I like) and when the singing began, the hush was complete as it continued for quite a few minutes. It was a special treat, feeling almost as if it were sung for me! In just a few more days I will be in Spain, so this really touched me, plus having these nice send-offs..... I wish the packing went as easy and quick.

I have been preparing for my departure for over a year, and started the serious packing over six months ago, trashing a lot of junk and boxing others. then came the decision to burn all of my images on CDs to external hard drives delayed me quite a bit. Two months ago when I was hit by a - what I like to call the facebook virus - they delayed me by another three weeks as I was busy night and day trying to fix that. Oh yea.... in case you are interested, I was hit then by up to 24 viruses after that facebook virus hit me... for that reason I stay off facebook a lot now.

These last few days have been a blur of packing and trashing. In just the last three days, I estimate I've dumped enough papers, plastics and other recyclable items to fill up the SF blue recycle bin four times over. I won't even mention take your time to describe the five huge garbage bags filled with trash. I've been so stressed packing and worrying - at one stage I couldn't find my passport and thought I had perhaps trashed it, recycled it, or plain boxed it inside one of 15 containers already taped closed!

I had one side of my sister's crowded filthy messy garage for meself and my boxes. That garage is much cleaner than it was when I first arrived over two years ago, and so is her flat too. I've worked my butt off all this time and now will devote some hard manual labor in my apartment very soon! Just hope my key works!! hahahahaa

Today delivered the bulk of my packed and closed boxes to a shipping company near the airport. Imagine myself and a friend who's been giving me a lot of her time to selflessly help me pack, driving on the freeway - she hates that and has never driven on a freeway before - following me with my boxes in her car and mine loaded down with even more, my fuel gauge very low and the low gas light lit. The drive from North Beach to this place is just about 11miles and I made it there in the rush hour with just a half gallon remaining in the tank. Now I can "relax" and try to clean, box the remaining few, and get ready to DEPART!!!!! Monday I'll take a few last boxes and plastic containers, then I'm through. Just to clean up and finish up on some last things... the laptop gets closed and packed Sunday so no more distractions... the next time will be in Rota somewhere probably in a cybercafe or a library!

Hasta pronto... la proxima sera desde Rota,
España! ciao - it's been nice, interesting and a lot of work.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

those gorgeous clouds and more

I have been packing like crazy..... I am down to those tiny little nonsense things that mean nothing to others, but to you they mean the world, and hold so many memories... of places seen and things done. I have too many of them already, and building even more all the time. I've already missed one deadline.... suitcases all too heavy, folding bike in a box too dam big and too dam heavy.

things seen recently on the streets when I can break away from the nightmare of packing...