Monday, June 30, 2008

gliding on a breeze....

Standing there on the cliffs of the golden gate
I turned my head to the ocean

I saw them coming toward me
in the quickly darkening gray sky
They winged their way toward me together
against the strong golden gate breeze

Wanted to fly with them
to glide with them
to lift my arms with theirs

The sun was setting behind the approaching fog
The sky was painted in sky blue and light orange

But I stood there
in awe of the beauty before my eyes

I stood there
camera in hand

Recorded their beauty
recorded their group
their movement
their freedom

For a second within in a daze
I was gliding with the pelicans.....

Then I heard the sound of the wind
heard the sound of my pulsing blood
and looked to the bridge
As they disappeared into the bay

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