Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh... double crap!!!

Just back from my second followup at the San Jose clinic where they advised me my eyes were healing quite nicely. The protective clear contacts were removed ~ or should I say they were peeled off my cornea and was I ever glad, though my vision went lousy again in having to readjust yet again. I'm still very happy with the progressing results and I realize it'll take time before my vision gets as "good" as it'll possibly get. I've driven a few times at night now and I don't see any of the halos some have been warning me about, and though bright daylight bothers me still after decades of being protected from that, I'm even getting used to that!

To "celebrate" this milestone, and quite satisfied by my first camera test Sunday, I went out with my camera to shoot the sunset tonight, though possibly I might have overdone it.

Not like an overdone steak on a sizzling grill, nor a too baked potato in the oven...

Sure, that golden sun was bright, but it was also so beautiful... I've blinded myself many times previous, even after I warn friends and others not to look at the sun until it is lower in the sky....

Did I possibly harm myself or worst: did I harm my new vision and the still healing cornea?

But look at this image; was it worth it?

If just to capture one last glimpse...
One last soft kiss...
one last tender embrace...

Would I?

Should I slip from this golden paradise after such a vision
after your loving lips
after this last farewell embrace

Would I?

If my eyes could etch into my memory the ocean wide
remember that last look upon the beauty before me
and many other delights previous
would I sacrifice my vision
my eyes
for such beauty not otherwise seen in a life so simple?

and if that were to be my brief death....
then be it so
take my eyes,
for I have often stolen that delightful scene
the unforgettable view
that splash of color so vivid

my desire for such glory has smitten my soul
my mind
and my eyes

and I in my darkness ever more
stay this the last beauty my unseeing eyes spy ever again

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  1. WOW these colours are truely beautiful. The things we do for a great shot. I hope your eyes were not damaged by this glorious sunset.


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