Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Opinion

The world is in turmoil and it's all because of GREED. It used to be that products were made with care, patience and good workmanship with the end product being a quality item, or a service that would draw new customers or bring back previous clients. Now it's all made with the lowest quality materials with a planned breakage period of a few months. What happened to making a good product or providing a honestly-good service to make the client happy?

It used to be that you could walk into a bank and people remembered your name. They would smile, not because they were told to or to give the impression of being friendly.... they just truly honestly were friendly and wanted to help you. GREED has now taken over everything and everyone, and who cares about customer satisfaction?

If YOU and I were to open a company, we would be required to hold dear to out company values that all would be done in a timely and orderly fashion, to be financially sound, and if one day my company did not hold those values true, we would be closed.


Gone... NO longer a company. Nobody would help us... why help them? Someone else will take our places. Others will replace them. Let them close.... they deserve that. Nothing more and nothing less than would be offered poor normal everyday people like YOU and I.

Imagine: just months ago it took over $50 to fill your gas tank, and today that same amount of gas into your vehicle doesn't even cost $30. High profits? I think the word here that describes it accurately is GREED. No regard for your neighbors, your fellow man; just a requirement to get something out on the streets at any cost and toss it to the wind.... no regard as to whether it's financially sound for all, but just the one single thought of GREED to get as much money for me, my company and my shareholders.

In this time and age, most companies are turning out bad poorly-worked products that cost them pennies due to the low value of the materials used. Financial institutions are giving less in returns to their clients and charging more for services that used to be FREE. People were in the process of losing their homes, or had lost their homes.

Do the managers or CEOs in their big offices know what it's like to go from a home to return to at the end of a work-week, or to just have a roof over your head? I think in the time that they spend in their driven vehicles and in their huge offices, they have lost touch with their company, their workers, the community they live in, and in their company's mission and pride.

Do they care about old values that should be the new values? Do they understand loyalty, dedication, having a happy employee who would give their shirt/blouse for a company that cares for them as a person and not just being an employee?

Do banks and other companies realize what they are doing to the community when you start refusing refinancing, taking lower payments, or just giving a honest chance for working people to remain in their homes? Sure, they are a business first and must show a profit for their board and shareholders, but at what cost to the community?

Now you have a continuously growing population of people who used to own homes and who used to work. These people are on the streets! It could be you... it could be me. It should be them soon.... but as always, it never will be. If these pigs went to a prison, it's more like a country club. Their families would still be living quite comfortably in their nice warm homes with servants. No, they don't live a normal life like you or I. They are not subject to any law or any rules.... like you or I.

The least these companies can do is when the company is showing a profit again is to rehire those laid off. The least the banks and realtors could do is to contact those who lost their homes, and give them the first opportunity before all others to regain possession of their homes.

Realtors are just as dirty and greedy as the others, and just want to get a home, dump out the owners like the banks, and sell them to the first available client who comes along. What if it were your home? What if it were your memories within those walls? Could you deal with the sadness of losing it all?

I think it should be made a requirement for all CEOs, managers and other persons in positions of high responsbility to live the homeless' day on the streets, experience the sadness, live through the nightmare of being a homeless person (even worst with a family and kids) on the street(s). For one week or even better: live one month on the streets, living on welfare, walking around or using the public transport system to get to appointments and job interviews.... live the life of a normal person.... FEEL the emotions of someone who has lost everything and must restart their life. EXPERIENCE the frustration of not having a vehicle (repossessed) and without the help of friends (they left you when your funds ran out too), and SEE the coldness of streets filled with strangers.

I think this should be made mandatory to all persons in companies and also those in public offices....

WE cannot lose sight of what the people who rely on us for guidance, for your livelihood, our purpose in our workplace, and who who we look up to.... the people are the heart of a nation, the purpose behind a community, the backbone of a union, and the bleeding heart behind all of our values that WE should have, but have been tossed by the side of the filth and sorrow of the street.

What happened to being proud of a company that had great workers and a great quality product?

Will true and honest values return to company missions?

Will GREED still haunt the world after this mess is over?

What I say to all of YOU who are guilty: SHAME ON YOU. I wish you could see the lives of those broken under the title of your GREED. I wish you could live the life that has been tossed into the dark nights and live like the millions of homeless. I wish you all that should come to you, your company and your board; I won't waste my time here describing in detail what should befall your name, your position nor that of your company -- deep within you, one day what has come around will return onto you.... and you know this to be true.

It's just a matter of time.

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