Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dangerous Hills of North Beach

I live on the outskirts of North Beach, bordering Fisherman's Wharf on one side, and Russian Hill on the other. Only a few blocks away is Chinatown and Telegraph Hill also.... all within a "toss" of a loaf of sourdough bread. All areas complete with hills and very steep hills... I remember screams of pain when I was a kid living in this area, when cars zoomed down the hills and hit people and/or cars. At the corner of Lombard and Taylor, there were so many seriously fatal accidents they finally put up a stop sign.... but these little branchless trees with a single word on it does not stop the pain and misery caused by speed and drivers.So imagine my lack of surprise when I walk out and start up Taylor Street - yes, the same street where just weeks prior they filmed a speeding car down the same stretch of cement - and saw this sobering sight......
I didn't even bother to ask details of what happened or how many injured... I just starting snapping with my cell camera so that I could blog this to warn anyone else, no matter the location, that speeding and running stop signs doesn't accomplish anything.

Eventually one day you won't be able to stop in time due to your routine of sliding through the intersection. Just last week there was a very serious accident I saw on Van Ness Avenue where a smaller car speeding through an intersection on Van Ness hit a crossing huge black SUV, and slammed it off the street and on its side on the corner of the SW pavement. The car was still there, like two wild animals in a clearing still engaged in the kill......If you see a STOP sign, do as it directs you. I see so many cars zipping through the intersections and wonder why I haven't yet witnessed a death or worst... yes, what can be worst than a death?
Let's all take care out there. WE are our own worst enemy and unfortunately, many times it's the innocent who suffer more in these situations

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  1. What amazes me is some people have no intention of stopping even when the see oncoming traffic that has right away and all because of selfishness and lack of consideration of others.

    your mobile phone takes good shots.


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