Thursday, April 16, 2009

so I've been busy.....

and while I wait for the latest and last filming of the new television series "Trauma" pilot taking place within 200 feet of where I sit typing this, and thought to kill time while waiting, I'd describe my last few weeks in my City.

Eyes: Of course the healing is great and progressing very well; the last checkup in San Jose weeks ago went well and no more checkups, unless I stab myself in the eye again as I have too many times already. I love not having to wear glasses and even frown upon wearing my super-light sunglasses. The only thing I miss is having glasses on all the time for the sole purpose of protecting my eyes during periods of high wind, debris in the streets, etc. No more of that as I wear glasses as rarely as possible these days.

My tiny folding bicycle: Am looking forward to riding again. I now have a light, a U-lock and a mirror as I hate turning around to check for cars, bikes and people behind me. I changed the position of the cutey bell-ringer to my right-side handle so it's easily accessible. All I need now is a mate/friend with a bike also to ride with!!! :-)

Sunsets: Of course I've been to and seen quite a few as always. Earlier in the year after returning from Spain the sun was setting at a hour too close to my sister's release from work, and I missed quite a few great sunsets. But now the sun is starting to set later in the afternoon fortunately, and I can once again get to a great location hopefully to catch a few good golden gate sets!Culture: Last weekend a thoughtful friend if my sister invited us to join her at the Legion of Honor and the de Young museums. I hadn't been to the Legion ever, but I was a weeee-lad when I went accompanied by classmates during a grammar school field trip to the de Young. It's so exciting to see historic art and pieces and descriptions of things and times past; I love history and often look and think back to times long gone...
Architecture: Downtown is always a challenge and a delight for me... challenging because I have to crank my eyes upward giving me the most painful pain in the neck literally!! A heavenly delight because of what I see... the beauty, the uniqueness and modern glass glory mixed with the old... it's all so wonderful!!
Macy's 63rd annual flower show: I was informed of this event by a fellow Yelper, I went to see the flora designs at the Union Square Macy's main store. It was really very interesting and colorful. I saw some great displays that required a lot of time, planning and flowers. Unfortunately this display ends this Saturday, April 18th... More pictures are posted at my flickr site....

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  1. glad to hear your eyes are progressing well. They have to br in tip top condition for Down Under Mate.


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