Monday, November 16, 2009

Have a new toy....

I went and purchased the newest Canon toy on the market... the EOS 7D and at the price paid, I am surprised and disappointed it doesn't drive me home and collect the mail. Hold it ~ that's what I do every weekday!!!The camera has a great feel, very sturdy and weighty, which is what I like. I am in the process of testing it with my various lenses of which I have varying from a Tokina 12 ~ 24 to a Sigma 170 ~ 500. In the meanwhile, my new Sigma 28 ~ 300 was being repaired and am retesting this lens too. In less than a few months, already am having problems with this new lens and of course that doesn't make me happy. The 28 ~ 300 focal length makes that lens my primary lens covering almost everything I need a lens for without having to carry a multitude of various lens.

Just a few test pictures, though I really wish I had a model to work with this new camera. Soon I'll be gone on a two-week trip to Sydney, so will be absent.... maybe! :-)

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