Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am still copying files - it gets tedious often but I manage to survive. Over the past two and a half days, the computer has been ON 50+ hours and guessimate I've moved 30+ gigs of images during these past few days. At one point I just completed a short move that lasted about two hours (the others took up to 12hrs) and looking through three different screens for more files to move, deleted the 3gigs of images I had just moved! On the image of the move progress above, that number reflecting how much time remains is what I usually see AFTER about four to six hours.... it doesn't show anything during thr initial period, and when it finally displays the remaining time, I then know I am getting "close" to the end! Why is this taking so long? With the majority of my images copied off 200+ CDs now onto my slower than turtle desktop HDs, I am moving them onto external HDs, and one that I had purchased in Spain back in 2006 is slower than my desktop!! That is the reason why it's taking a longer time now.... grrrrr

I have got to get a life!!!!

from Lombard Street the cable cars
are always great to photograph

Even now as I write this, I had accidentally stopped a move in session, so I had to go to the only folder that was recreated, see what was and wasn't moved, then move over the remaining files. Once that is done, I return to the partition and move over 15 folders containing about 12gigs of images.

Lombard Street spiders are HUGE!!
Today while returning to home after dropping off the sis at her work, I saw lenticular clouds over Mount Diablo in the distance. I rushed home to get my camera with the longer 170-500mm lens as my Sigma 28-300 has been in the shop getting repaired for weeks now, and to get a file move started... but by time I go up to the top of Russian Hill for a shot, the clouds had disappeared.... sigh But I heard those crazee parrots so tried to snap a few of these, but there weren't to be seen, except blocks away.... but there were other things to snap also, and I did get those!

this spider attracted my attention and many
other Lombard Street tourists

Walking back to my car, I spotted a dollar bill wind-blown to my feet! I've found homeless money before, the most being a $5 bill in the rain while jaywalking through a red-light intersection. hahahaaha

today's sunrise could be a changing factor in my life

Could this be a change in my luck? Who knows?

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