Monday, November 23, 2009

Where's all the autumn colors?

This past weekend I wandered out in search o the fall colors I am so amazed and fascinated with, especially while living in Eugene. The colors then were everywhere, but here, it seems I need to drive elsewhere. So I packed up all my gear and that new camera and went driving north to Stinson Beach, then the long lost route to San Rafael, then cut over to Vallejo in time to see the sun was setting. Being in a low area, I hurriedly went searching for a high spot in order to see and photograph the setting sun. I was finally lucky enough to find a small populated hill......
In the morning I continued my depressing search ~ it seems the few colors seen were in the cities and towns I drove through. In the countryside, everything seems so evergreen! What a surprise!!! I even went down to Alamo where on the freeway I saw color, so turned off but that color was in the backyards of homes!! I accidentally found a park, so parked the car and went walking and after 20mins of seeing just a few reds and yellows, I gave up. Everything - again - was green.In Lafayette I passed by - in another chance encounter - the Crosses of Lafayette, in which a small slope o a hill in front of a BART station is covered with crosses representing each american military death during the long continuing war. It's a sad sight but a part of our american history now.5302 is a lot of crosses, and today four more crosses will be added... :-(

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