Friday, December 25, 2009

how utterly depressing

... to be alone on such a day! The shopping malls are closed early, so you can't even window-shop or just have a quiet walk. The theaters are also closed early so you cannot hide inside a cinema. Everything is dark and empty, save for a few tiny restaurants that nobody knows about, so they are completely empty also.

Sat in the parking lot of a closed but lighted Safeway grocery store, and laughed as I saw in just 30mins more than 15 people drive up, park and walk to the closed entrance. There were three cars in the parking lot! Nobody could be seen within the store!! They still tried to open the doors and finally walked across the street to Walgreens - a drugstore!! What will they buy in a drugstore that they wanted to buy originally in a grocery store?

What a sad day if you're not married, or don't have any close friends as is normally the case in this very virtual world. Fake friends who only want you for friendship to go drinking together.... drunk friends aren't real friends, they are people who will try to get you addicted to alcohol are trying to get you killed or worse.... Thank goodness traffic homeward was very very light. I counted the number of cars encountered/seen while driving 20mins to be less than 10 - and not one weaving crazy driver in sight!

Ah christmas: such cheer, such happiness and such sharing. If you have a family or a significant other.......

Now, what about the homeless? Those emergency teams and individuals who work? Soldiers separated from friends and family in places where people want them dead and gone.....

Oooooh, what happiness!!!

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