Saturday, July 3, 2010

July Fourth in the states....

....for me will be in a military passenger terminal, waiting for a flight eastward to Spain, back to my apartment to start anew the work in clearing out my mess. Just spent a week-long weekend in California after delivering yet another two suitcases full of my life-belongings, and have many more trips remaining before I am done. Can't wait to return as the a/c I am experiencing throughout my time here has been wrecking hell on my allergies and sinuses, and to finally leave cannot be soon enough! Though I was on the road today, I managed to catch the last half of the Spain world cup match, and am so happy the spaniards are still in the game!!! I could almost hear the millions of spaniards screaming and cheering on their team wearing "red". Though I find it very difficult to follow the matches in the USA, at least I am finding a few places when one can listen to, or even SEE the matches when on the road. I was even lucky enough to find me a well-priced Spain jersey yesterday, which I wore today while the spanish team played.

Enjoy the pictures and remember I also have a lot of pics displayed at my newest website!!

i love lines!!

lines and windmills

it still supports though dead and broken

we will never forget!

i now know the difference between a HARE and a rabbit!!
or a jackrabbit!!

watched geese float down a fast-moving stream

a full moon seen at 35,000ft

i love flowers but bees are even more gorgeous!!

humans aren't the only ones who like the beach

trees are gorgeous even in dim light

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