Friday, July 11, 2008

Hot or Not?

The past few days have been forecast to be hot in the City, but while the heat stayed in the high 90s and even surpassed the 100s around the Bay Area, in my City it's breezy and not even in the 80s. Yet, I find it so amazing how one area of the City can have sun while the other half is draped with fog! Just a mystery that I love to explore and even more in viewing!

I had a nice foto shoot in Half Moon Bay during the last weekend, where I met with a Chico teen model and shot with her. It's sad and disappointing to think that in such a populous area as is San Francisco, I can't find a real and serious "model" to work with. The few models there are seem to be immature and even more irresponsible, expressing a fleeting desire to work and saying a quick "hi" then disappearing faster than this fog that rolls in at night. All of the real models I have worked with have all been from outside the City.

In the past few days the winds have yet again shifted, allowing us to be smoked everyday with the gray haze ~ a result of smoke from the 300+ fires all over California. Health advisories have been issued and in a town north of my City near Chico named Paradise (Butte County), it was reported yesterday that the health issue due to the thick smoke was so bad that even the machine used to measure the air particles for these advisories, broke and had to be restarted and the measurements obtained manually!

Here's a picture from my rooftop this morning.... it shows an orange sun rising over the East Bay and Telegraph Hill.

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