Sunday, August 10, 2008

an angel for a foto shoot today

After many weeks of inactivity in the field of "professional" photography, I had the great luck to finally meet a young model from Sacramento who I've been talking with for the past several months, and off we drove into the sunset... literally!

So-called models living in San Francisco have proven to be very unprofessional.... in conversations with about five since my arrival over six months ago, all of these amateur individuals turned out to be as flaky as an over-filled balloon: when it came to the moment of truth, SF models are just hot air.... and in my opinion do not exist in the City, and their empty words just crumble into false promises after even a few initial correspondence.

On the other hand, since my return to the City I've had the pleasure and honor of shooting with models from Chico, Sacramento (twice) and even Los Angeles. Too bad models in SF are not as responsible or reliable!

My angel of a model and I met at the Marina (free parking and "easy" to find) then started shooting around the little marina there and moved on to the beach at Crissy Field. It was a breezy day but she looked good anyway. From there we went to just west of the toll plaza of the Golden Gate Bridge, and from there down to Baker beach where the shoot ended as the sun set.

This young model has a gorgeous profile and a great laugh... we both trekked a lot today and though the sun was out, I really wished we had the fog and clouds that were present for the past few days instead. I don't enjoy shooting in the stark bright harsh sunlight but when forced to, I will do it as I have previously in Spain.

She is also the first one to be captured with a new lens I have during a sunset, and of course everyone knows I just looove capturing sunsets.
this is the sunset seconds after we finished

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