Saturday, August 30, 2008

Architecture and the City Opening Night 2008

Went with friends to the Architecture and the City Opening Night Party downtown sponsored by the American Institute of Architects. San Francisco has such a wealth of old and new architecture that is so amazing, spanning many types of cultural designs ~ it's almost like heaven for architects to come here and see the beauty of both dwellings and buildings!

Here are some pictures from last night's event and am hoping to be able to photograph more in the upcoming days! I think I snapped too many floral arrangements ~ last night my sinuses went crazy and I couldn't breathe!!!
I was hoping to be able to photograph more of the events associated and some outstanding interiors BUT the AiA-SF woman I met tonight who promised to call me didn't... so I am again left in the cold and the outside trying to look in. I love architecture but with my measly financial state, I cannot afford to attend these events unless invited. grrrrrr

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