Saturday, August 23, 2008

a walk thru the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts

....was both warm and sunny, shaded and breezy, and crowded. I didn't take my reflex camera as I wanted to actually "enjoy" it... if such a thing is possible without a camera if your photography is your life!

Got there late but amazingly found a parking spot after arriving within minutes. It was breezy enough to keep the flies and heat away and it was quite nice.

Though these street festivals have almost always the same people/vendors as in other festivals, I was surprised to see some work that I hadn't seen previously, as well as the magnificent images I've seen before. There was also an etcher whose numbered etchings were fabulous and I loved a small etching of a valley oak he had displayed, along with a full-moonrise and oak, which he explained was a new piece of work.

I enjoy telling the exhibitors what I enjoy... I don't have money so I cannot buy their work ~ the most sincerest work of appreciation and flattery for someone's art ~ but I feel as a photographer who loves comments and input about his imagery, that I must say something.

I can't afford to ever exhibit at these events though I have often considered it.... but I can admire those who do participate and whose work is so splendid to share it with others.

The following images were captured using my cell phone camera... a RAZR v3 which... in my opinion, takes some very nice pictures in good lighting. The pictures are of the street painting contest and more.....

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