Saturday, August 23, 2008

new SF fitness center

I attended the grand opening of the Raise the Bar Fitness Center last night - what a drive! There was a baseball game downtown - avoid that area - and a music concert in Golden Gate Park - avoid that area too! As a result of these two unrelated events, traffic in all the City - it seemed - was at its limits. To make it worst, it coincided with the normal late afternoon rush hour!

I had never seen so many people on corners trying to flag down a taxi-cab! Actually, I used my GPS to avoid the hot spots, and enroute the fitness center, encountered such bad traffic that I even went "my own way". At one corner close to downtown, I encountered three persons talking out loud trying to flag down a taxi which was filled, and I just let them hop into my car and drove them toward the park, where they were trying to go to get to the concert.

Once in the Sunset district, there were long lines everywhere. Everyone going to that concert was parking every and anywhere, which made it bad for me and as I reached my destination, as there were NO places to park. I drove around quite a few times inside a 4-block area, and there was nothing in this residencial area till I found quite amazingly a tight piece of concrete into which my car fit exactly!
The fitness center was packed with people and its beautiful wood floors were glowing!! There was a huge food table set out and decorated quite nicely! The owners' families were there and the only thing I could think of was "where did all these people park"?

Four of my San Francisco prints are on the walls near the entrance, along with some paintings at the back of the fitness center.

If you want to see or go to the fitness center, it's located at 2535 Judah Street in San Francisco, between 30th and 31st Avenues, and is a beautiful location.

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