Monday, September 15, 2008

the view from the span....

well, I finally did it... though it didn't feel like the last time!

When I was but a wee lad, I used to bike and walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. I must have been over that bridge at least ten times before I left the City in 1972. Perhaps the last time I walked across that bridge would have been in 1970 or earlier.

Since my return to the City, I've been wanting to repeat the experience... and I can now say I did it. With some friends, I hiked last Saturday from Baker's Beach to the toll plaza, across the breezy and crowded bridge where I made at least 20 stops for fotos then had to run to catch up with my (quickly) departing friends, then down the highway to Sausalito. As that walk-aholic lad, I used to go to the end of the boardwalk where I ate fish and chips at an Arthur Treacher's fish and chips shop; I hear that place is now no longer. Then I would either return to the City by the same route, or if biking, continue to Stinson Beach via Mt Tam.

oooooh, those were the days!!

Sunday I went to photograph the pelicans and sailing boats from the Hyde Street pier.

Concerning the eye surgery: I now have almost all of the required items in preparation of my surgery Wednesday. In just two and a half days my biggest question will be: Will I see or not? Will I lose my better eyesight or ....? How long will it take to fully recover, or at least see well enough to drive and to continue capturing the little details of this passing life?

Enjoy the fotos!!

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  1. Oh Gosh, I was born in 1972 and you were hiking over a bridge!!
    Last time I was in SF was 10 years ago but never walked the bridge. I love the middle photo it brings back memories of my sailing days. I have done a little sailing and really enjoyed it.


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