Friday, September 12, 2008

well, perhaps TWO firsts?

A friend in Eugene, Oregon emailed me about a site where images are being requested for possible inclusion in a nice photography book for the area where I lived for almost a year: Lane County.

I have a lot of images from that area so for the past day have been looking for images from that area; I'd love to have a few of my images in such a nice book about an area of the world that I have really grown to love and miss.

I've already sent out some SPAM emails to Eugene friends to vote for my images. Of course it's a system that requires members of the website to vote for those pictures they like best. The best and most-voted images gets into the book. Probably by next week I'll have all of the images that I want to be considered and voted on, uploaded by that time.

So if you're interested in helping to getting this photographer's stuff into a book, please go by the site and register. Once registered, just drop by my profile and click on the pictures displayed at the very bottom. You can click on each or any of the pictures shown and that opens up to its separate page. On that page, you can comment if you feel like it, then looking to the right margin, you can "love" the image, or (above right) you can "DIG IT"(green) or you can "NIX IT" (red).

Aside from my images, there are some incredible images there, including some of the Northern Lights with great detailed descriptions, and some great stargazing pictures!

On the other hand, I am now preparing to go under the "knife". Next Wednesday, I'll be driving to San Jose to get my eyes operated on, and hopefully I'll be able to begin seeing through the viewfinder of my camera without glasses.

Yes, I say "hopefully" because no matter how many people you might have heard of, or know those who have undergone this type of surgery... each case is unique and what happens is also unique to them. It's like ordering a cake. I might see the cake at a party, I will order them from a album of generic designs, but MY cake is unique and no matter how much people say and how many pictures I'll see, my handmade cake is mine alone, and it's uniquely mine!!

The prospect of seeing without glasses - due to my age I'll still have to use reading glasses for very close distances - will be an interesting experience. I've worn glasses since I was 15 or so, and can't remember too many days where I walked around without glasses and still see clearly.
like my newest bumper sticker?

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  1. I voted for 2 of your images. You have so good stuff on that site. I hope your eye surgery goes well. A friend of mine had it done and found it fantastic, but a little bit sore for the first week. You’ll have no excuses for out focus shots anymore LOL!!


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