Sunday, October 12, 2008

Angel Island fire - plus the day after

wow!!! I heard my downstairs neighbor talking to someone on the street about some fire... I opened up my bedroom window blinds and took these few pictures through the 40-year old glass, being able to see the flames in the void quite clearly!!! How eerie to have flames seemingly in the middle of nowhere in the night darkness!! Now ten minutes after snapping this first picture, the smell of burning brush is seeping into my room!! yuck!!!

Monday morning: I've slipped outside to get a few snaps of the aftermath. You can actually see a tiny helo dumping water over the smothering mess, then coming down to the surface of the bay to get more water. Respect Nature, respect the environment!

UPDATE: Well, the fire on the island is completely out and they are investigating the cause of the fire. Right now according to new reports, it looks like it started near a campsite ~ over 300 acres of land were torched and over 300 firemen were brought in to fight the flames. However - good news - the 120 historic structures on the island were intact after the blaze; it seems most of the flames were on the City side, which is the southern portion of the island.

MAN, enemy number one of Life, Nature and the environment! grrrrrr

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