Saturday, October 11, 2008

+ = more!!!

well, another night but not on my roof this time! I left the flat searching for a place to shoot the fireworks, after spending an hour online looking at maps and ideas for where it might be and how it might look from this location and that. Also difficult when you don't know exactly where the fireworks will be launched from! So, I hoofed it up the steep Jones and Taylor Streets hills, puffing like someone with a breathing deficiency... what a way to exercise!!

I arrived at Green Street where there's a lovely little park but having been there previous times during the day, knew the numerous trees blocked the best views. To a higher park on Vallejo, the same thing: trees and bushes prevented one from a splendid scene of the City's Financial district and the Embarcadero. I stayed long enough to test the scene(s) with some test exposures, then hoofed it over to yet another location: Broadway Street, which is a steep slope also, and from mid-stret offered a decent view, with enough leeway to the left and right for me to quickly move and re-angle the camera once the fireworks started. Now set up, I tested my exposures for Broadway Street... tweak up the aperature, drop the duration, change the angle.....

This time I was ready at 9:30pm, and even changed the angle and location of the camera by a few feet after it started. I could hear people screaming, clapping and of course, the "oooh" and "aaaaahs" were easily heard.

It lasted 13 minutes only but it lit up the night....

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