Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 2 of Fleet Week

Great people, great time and interesting.... I love observing people and since people are so unpredictable, it makes an interesting day.

Took the camera and had time to take pictures... some included here for your viewing pleasure. Today was the first day of the official practice which started late but it's still a great performance!

Tomorrow is the first day of the official Fleet Week.... I'll be taking the monster lens this time; everything was just too far away and I hate jets appearing as tiny as dust-mites in my pictures!! hahahahaa

More pixs are on my flickr site

Oh frig... did anyone see the fireworks? Scheduled for 9pm but after freezing on my roof in North Beach for 24,1 minutes, decided to come back in... oops!! I hear the explosions now.... gotta run!!!

I guess I've finally captured some decent fireworks using my tripod! Have never had luck before but after seeing the results of some other photographers, tried again and this time I was successful!! Usually I'll handhold my camera with a 300mm telephoto and shoot it to get my previous "great" results. I can see my problem in manually focusing the lens is very apparent as I looked through the pictures, but my vision is still appearing to improve everyday. The night vision is coming along slowly though, but I'm still patient. It's been three weeks now since my eyes were corrected ~ my, does time fly when you're recovering!!

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  1. great firework photos!!! wow. wish i could have seen them, cold and all.


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