Thursday, October 9, 2008

would you mourn for me?

It's been two long weeks waiting for the season's opening of CSI, and it was worth it. There has been NO other series on the little screen that has moved me as much as this... and the Las Vegas version has been the cornerstone of the spin-offs, which I feel are not as emotional nor as real as CSI on Thursdays.

Tonight at the episode's closing at the funeral, I will not believe it if anyone watching this say they did not shed a single tear.

This series, for the few years I have watched it, has moved me...
** emotionally, for its profound understanding of the human mind, and how it is interpreted for its viewers....
** for its accurate realism in protraying real lives, real people and real and true situations as much as possible
** deeply, for its meaningful manner of invoking situations and emotions that seem so real, that the scene and emotion protrayed could very well be yours, or mine...

I've watched less and less of television since I left the states and lived in Europe, but this is one program I will always watch with deep loyalty.

Though a virtual character has died, I have been moved so much that it could have well been my best friend that had died in reality.... Why can't in this real-world real emotions like this be seen, felt, and/or offered? Where friends are friends and will protect you, support you, and be with you in your good and those bad times? Why do we require a computer to live behind when there is a real world beyond that screen, past our walls and in the non-virtual streets that we walk less and less upon each day?

And why, in these modern times, do we need a television series so profound as CSI to show us HOW we should feel for each other, that WE are human too and not perfect like machines, and FRIENDS should act in such a manner... like the old days... when friends were true to our dying days, and more.....


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  1. I have to apologise I have been a little slack coming to visit over the last few days. I am just flat out and should really be doing other things right now but they aren’t as fun as annoying you .
    Hey another thing we have in common. Me likie CIS too. My favourite is the original version set in Las Vegas.


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