Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On the road again....

Being a holiday weekend, I planned staying busy as I hate being in front of the monitor 29 hours each day as I am currently doing... this archiving of my image files will take forever.... so to break the boring routine, I went looking there and here with my camera.... Friday saw me in the car with sister and her friend to Point Reyes National Seashore which we finally arrived after skipping through the Marin Headlands, then down the road toward Point Bonita, then shooting over on HWY 101 to Pt Reyes.
the gorgeouslight at the Marin lookout point
I've never been there though I tried often as a pre-teen. Riding my bicycle from North Beach through the Presidio, I would cross the bridge then shoot down to Sausalito, then enter Mill Valley to the Stinson Beach left-turn. From there it was a struggle up the curvy road to Mt. Tam, finally reaching the top and again shooting down at unbelievably fast speeds to Stinson Beach where I'd eat a sandwich if I packed one {often I didn't}, then ride back the opposite direction to return home to North Beach. I often thought of continuing to Pt Reyes on that bicycle but after 30 minutes of riding, I'd turn around.... I didn't realize it then nor now that if I had continued I would be riding that long path to nowhere before ever reaching Pt Reyes. It's a long and desolate drive in a car ~ can't imagine how I would feel on a bicycle then have to return to the City!!

After stopping at the Pt Reyes visitor center, we continued on toward the lighthouse to see that. That was another 20+ miles on a narrow winding road with horses and cow farms along the way.... all green - very green - scenic views which called me to stop, and I did often! Once at the lighthouse it was a short hike to the "top" then down 308 steps to the famed lighthouse.
But I was more amazed and camera-crazy with rocks lining the narrow steps, and photographed quite a bit of that.

It almost seemed to resemble rocks one would see in a desert and not along the coast, subject to constant high winds and cutting sea spray. The textures were very unusual too and made a very nice study of tones of light desert brown and blushing reds.
Down at the lighthouse, one could see it was very small and need of repair and a good paint job, as with many lighthouses. Still it was a fabulous view and the clouds and sun cooperated very nicely!
The next day I decided to head down the coast to Half Moon Bay to again photograph the lighthouse at Pigeon Point. The lighthouse is actually dormant, its light dark and is lit only one day a year. Still it stands tall and proud on the Californian coast and it's a still a pretty sight though it's also in a state of disrepair. A smaller light station is located at Point Montara and isn't as big as a normal lighthouse but is still a sight worth seeing.

The weekend weather was great and it seemed everyone was on the highway headed south... I again stopped often to snap away as the incoming tide crashed upon the endless coves and beaches, creating a thick mist that looked like fog, photographed like fog but wasn't. It was great to see this mist, bringing out the darker tones of the high cliffs bordering the coastal highway.... I also enjoy the crashing waves and today the waves were really high, with a slight mist forming as the waters crested, and then pushed back by the air... it was amazing to watch this as I hadn't seen this before! The waves were about 10 to 15 feet high, and the absence of surfers made me wonder if this was a dream or not. At one stop, there was a huge flattened rock which was continuously plummeted by the waves; the explosion of water vs rock was tremendous, with the rising waves reaching over 30-50 feet in height! It was truly wonderful to see this, to "feel" the strong force of nature as it has been throughout the centuries, pounding away at the immovable, smashing down to create pebbles, sand and finally, to pound and eventually grind even that into nothingness.

It's always great to take a drive anywhere... I just need to remember to take the camera ~ this weekend I'm going on a overnight trip to Fort Bragg and to explore the surrounding area. Any recommendations anyone? hahahahaaaa I know I won't get any replies to that question because NO body from the USA reads my blog!! hahahahaaaa Only Martians on da Moon observing the Earth read my blog so they'll know where to visit after they land!!

Tonight is the BIG YELP party at the Exploratorium (Palace of Fine Arts) and I'm going!! Anyone else going? It'll be interesting if I can get in ~ RSVPed over a month ago and there's over 2,000 others attending too so am hoping to survive the long wait in the line!! Through my account at Yelp, I regularly review a lot of places where I go to eat, shop, etc., a routine I started through my older (now closed) Xanga blog while I lived in Eugene. I am foresaking my photography club meeting to attend the Yelp event... I must be going crazy!!

Only a month before I depart for Spain!! I cannot wait and though it's a working trip, I cannot wait to get back to my apartment!! sigh...

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