Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yelp party - a "blast"

In fact, so much of a blast I went straight home. Nobody has the true concept of how many 2,000 is until you see all the peoiple in line waiting... talking on cell phones in front and in back of you. Smoking their lungs off or/and blowing their smoke all over you. Stupid overheard small talk trying to unbore themselves.... so when I saw the line, I thought: no waaaay I will wait there with those people! So I went over to the Yelp VIP entrance and talked to someone, and explained that I'm a photographer and just wanted a few snaps to blog about the event, plus to post on my Yelp profile.

Well, so much for that! The young long-haired girl insisted she was too busy to talk to me and that nooo, I can only enter for the main event which starts at 9pm, and yes, I'm very busy and I can't talk any longer...." then puts on a face like go get lost, I'm leaving.....

My blogging and fotos would help advertise them. It would get them more attention. It shows fellow-Yelpers having fun at a big event with free drinks.

I don't need Yelp or their review site. Within a month I'll be out of there and take my reviews elsewhere....

Besides, one must set their priorities ~ I get to see CSI tonight... now that's worth watching even if it's a repeat!!

Yelp, and their purchased reviewers can "rest" in peace. Or their self-constructed virtual hell.

This picture was posted online to Twitter by a Yelper waiting to get into the party....


  1. CSI sounds far more inviting than hanging out with Yelpers. Wise choice to go home.

    I am very sad at the moment visa has killed my version of photoshop, I am trying to recover it but thinking I might have to wip my pc and go back to xp. :(. It's all so time consuming

  2. Ever consider that trying to make an event that large actually work also involves having some rules around it? As an event planner, I have had to deal with too many amateur photographers / bloggers / reporters that think they're professionals claiming they have a special reason they should be let in to my events. They don't, and they shouldn't. That just pisses off everyone else who may not be totally thrilled with waiting in line, but are willing to do so regardless.

    So if you're butthurt because you didn't get the VIP treatment you feel entitled to, well, hey, you can always go home and blog about it, or write a nasty Yelp review. Because, you know, you're a professional...


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