Wednesday, February 4, 2009

gas prices in Spain and more

....while in the passenger seat of a friend's car - unusual place for me to be - we stopped to buy gas and I decided to snap a pix of the gas prices in this part of Andalucia. While this might even look cheap after the exchange rate is considered, remember this is the price per liter! when I lived in Spain, the prices were much different and I was paying up to 60€ per liter to fill my tank. Also remember that here the diesel (gasoleo A) is cheaper than unleaded and what everyone is buying these days. My old car while i lived here was also a diesel..... but it had great tubro power and I really loved passing sedans up steep hills/mountains even when my car was loaded down with heavy furniture in the back!!
I joked with friends upon my arrival in Spain about how green everything looked. Again on the bus I noticed how unnatural Andalucia appeared in such vivid colors ~ I told my spanish friends that while on the bus it looked so unreal that I thought I had hopped on the wrong bus and was headed north to Galicia instead of Andalucia. Galicia - in the NW region of Spain - is similar to our northwest in that it rains.... and rains, and rains even more. As a result, everything there is very green!!

The pictures above are both taken with my cell camera - I've just posted my last pictures if you care to see them.

I'm back on the road again as I start my travels to return to San Francisco. I can't believe how quickly this month lasted, or didn't last. It all went by so quickly!! The last three days were spent cleaning, packing and re-boxing stuff, almost all at the same time, and the apartment was so clean as I left this morning. Though it rained throughout my stay, I enjoy the rain and the cool pleasure it brings to me. I love seeing storm clouds over the Bay of Cadiz also, and there were certainly a lot of those. Tomorrow morning I get my final ride to the Sevilla airport and start those flights back to the states......

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