Friday, February 6, 2009

unfriendly skies of IBERiA

The aircraft shown below belongs to the spanish airline company Iberia. This airline is KNOWN to be the subject of strikes usually scheduled during the busiest times of tourist travel during the summer. Already into 2009, the Iberia pilots struck again in January of this year and for a day disrupted travel plans of many travelers .... This is how this company's pilots strike to get the attention of their country and of their company in order to demand more money for their individual salaries, no matter what the cost. I remember in 2006 how the Iberia airport workers had their strike, and simply walked onto the runway of the Barcelona runways and basically closed down the airport operations. They did not care then nor now how all of the canceled flights affected thousands of travelers and to have their lives disrupted, the amount of money lost when your flights are missed, hotels costs, etc.... all they care is to cause enough chaos so that they can get a higher salary. This is all supported by the spanish government who refuses to charge any of those who participated in that 2006 strike (huelga) and to not declare any such strike illegal only encourages more future strikes as those strike participants now know they will never be punished.

This is irresponsible behavior by the goverment, by the pilots, and by Iberia, and as I was just in Spain recently, noticed the new Iberia television commericals now advertising new LOW - very low fares throughout Europe and even to the USA. Of course, this is all a ploy to get new and old clients to fly their airlines but would you fly such a reckless and irresponsible airline that wrecks havoc on your and other travelers' lives, at any cost?

I hope everyone will boycott this stupid company and I hope they go out of business - SOON! All you need to do is to experience the airport experience during any one of their strikes, to lose your ticket value, to miss your future flight connections, to have days and days sleeping on uncomfortable airport floors and/or those very uncomfortable spanish airport benches.... and in addition to have your baggage lost for months as in the big strike of 2006, and you wil feel as I do!

at any cost!!! Do not use IBERIA for any of your flights anywhere on this planet! Tell your friends to boycott Iberia also, a company that allows these pilots to do this which encourages such irresponsible behavior by trained "professional" airline pilots... greedy individuals who think only of themselves and nobody else.

Also while I was in Spain, I read just days before I departed that tourism through spanish airports dropped to an all-time low.... don't they realize that as long as they encourage this type of behavior and those airline strikes, that tourists previously thinking of a trip to Spain will abandon that dream and go elsewhere? They seem to not think these strikes affect anyone.... one doesn't have to be an university graduate nor a rocket-scientist to realize this....

I think the spanish tourism board and the government as a whole is going to wake up to a very rude awakening in the tourism trade very soon, if these strikes continue and nobody is charged with disruption of traveler's travels and monetary losses.

Let them travel during a strike and lose all of their hard-earned money and waste their vacations sleeping on floors of a flithy spanish airport, and see how THEY like it.... they would feel as these poor innocent travelers would, but they don't and like any country's officials... they have lost sight of how it feels to be a normal common citizen at the pity of those strikes.

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  1. Ok, point to remember bad airline do not fly :)


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