Friday, February 20, 2009

Jury Duty

It's been "fun" but my first-ever juror experience has come to an end. Today during the third day of juror selection, I was dismissed due to a conflict of interest situation.... just as I was actually beginning to "enjoy" the experience... hahahaa

Yesterday I thought I was falling asleep in the late afternoon and I was forced to wake myself before I slept in front of everyone! Being one of the first 28 jurors and undergoing question by both judgr and attorneys, I guess the information overload from each of the first 28 was too much. After a lunch break, my eyes simply wouldn't stay open; no, I am not one to sleep after eating though I know of others who drop in their tracks after they eat! But at least my progress in reading the book I take each day - and this is a hardcover of over two-inches thick - was almost at the halfway mark. During the court sessions I would use it on my lap as an "armrest" to prop up my dropping head... guess I got too comfortable! I never knew this selection of jurors would be so tedious - listening to each and every juror give a brief personal history to include their family, occupation, etc.....

This is so interesting in that the revelation of each individual's history within the courtroom as a possible juror becomes a quick oral short story - whether you were interested in knowing it or not. I thought it was interesting in that I would look at the person's dress and physical appearance, and see if their verbal statement matched my mental image of them. As a photographer, it was an instant game of mix and match juror-style!!

I was somewhat disappointed yet happy I was leaving. I thought this a temporary game to keep me active and in the network, while keeping me out of my one-room prison. On the other hand, I have enough work inside my room to keep me busy for months if not years! So ends my first jury duty in the United States!! sigh!!!

Tomorrow I embark on an over-night photography trip, though I don't know exactly where I'll go. I have to find a cheap place to go where I can feed myself cheaply, sleep somewhere even cheaper, while still finding a place where I don't spend hours upon hours in the car just to get somewhere, while still getting nice photographs. This is will be a difficult task in the Bay Area.

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