Sunday, February 22, 2009

Santa Cruz in the gray rain....

I followed the freeway south on HWY 101 till Los Gatos, then took a road out to the coast... I still didn't know where I would head, but I've been to Pigeon Point to see the lighthouse, and Half Moon Bay a few times for model shoots and to see the area.
I drove through the mountains toward the coast and at one point, it seemed as if everyone was also headed to the water. It was getting late plus a forecast of rain for the weekend told me this wasn't normal. To avoid the lines of cars steadily increasing, I took a turn toward Boulder Creek, thinking a creek full of boulders would be great material for images. I never got to see the "creek" but saw other things instead. Seeing a sign for a covered bridge, I took that detour and ended up at a train-ride park with a very nice covered bridge, though I had to move a few trash bins in order to remove the "nice" sight from my images. I don't believe in PS or retouching my images - I believe a scene should be captured the way it is and without effects or editing. Afterwards, I got lost on the return trip, and eventually as the scenery looked increasingly familar as I realized I had just made a 20-mile circle to where I originally started my escape from the car lines!

Santa Cruz reminded me of a very lively summer Eugene, with streets filled with people, street artists and lots of hippy-style persons everywhere! I arrived late in the afternoon just an hour before the sun was to set, and went soon to the beach where I was amazed to see a boardwalk filled with Playland-style businesses. I've never even been to any Coney Island-type locations in my life, though I've been to a few amusement parks. I just don't go because it's not fun when you're alone. The Santa Cruz boardwalk did look great in the gray and darkening distance with increasingly more stands and lights starting to light up the soon-approaching night. I love to capture night lights and the motion associated.... Soon the rain started, and it shifted from pouring to a soft drizzle, but it rained for most of the night.In the morning it still rained and as I put my bags into the car to head back to the City, I wondered about returning on the coastal highway or the inland HWY 101. I headed out of town and decided to see what the Pigeon Point Lighthouse looked like in the rain. So I headed there, stopping along the way to snap away in the rain. After Pigeon Point, I headed inland toward HWY 101, then shot up to the City, the rain steadily falling. Using my GPS, I could see advisories all over the Bay Area and as I neared the City, the advisories and traffic accidents increased. I decided to stay on the streets and drove through the delightfully wet and reflective slick San Franciscan streets. As much as I do not want to be in the City, and cannot afford to be in the City, I do LOVE seeing my City. It's a delightful place and very photogenic but on the other hand, I cannot wait to leave permanently. These small trips to practice my passion for photography helps to keep me sane and content.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about not using PS. I am always in 2 minds about it. I am not apposed to PS but my goal it to take good photos not average photos and doctor them up. Although I do use PS on the odd few shots. Sometime I get disheartened to see so much PS work going on and the wonder what the true SOC shot looked like. Someone who is good at photography and someone who is good at PS are not the same thing.


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