Monday, September 14, 2009

things I've noticed....

Since I've adjusted to life in these united states, I've been noticing a few things.... and in my almost two years in San Francisco I've noticed that some things apply no matter where you live in the states:

1. If you think the sunset will be great and worth your time to capture, it'll probably be foggy or worst, the traffic will prevent you getting there and you'll miss it

2. Never drive in back of a city bus or a shiny "new" car with GPS on their dash; it's probably tourists and you'll be slooooow

3. When it rains, it usually rains

4. Just when you thought the steep hill were done, you see you have even steeper hills to walk!

5. If you think the weather is bad now, wait five minutes

6. Your shortcut route will certainly include more steep hills than you bargained for

7. Go to an event in the City waaay early for parking and a decent seat will net you a long wait and no parking/seat; show up at the last minute and there might be an open spot/seat

8. Get over any of the two major bay bridges early to avoid the traffic jam(s) but don't worry: a traffic accident will create a jam of its very own

9. Go early thinking you're be the only photographer present, you'll be sooooo wrong

10. If there's a full moon tonight, don't worry because there's bound to be a (90%) forecast of fog or clouds

11. If you think you're driving faaaast, wait till that '60s era-VW Beetle zips by you!!

12. Use your hand-brake when stopping on hills to prevent roll-back

Finally. I have quit for the final time. In the coming months I'll build my own website and start posting my own pixs at my own site... I was reported by someone who apparently didn't like my pictures - details not made available to me - and just censored me. There isn't anything at my account there that was offensive or anything you or anyone couldn't see in a museum or even an art gallery. I hate being censored and have complained about it to them, plus asking for return of my money paid for the final year, which hasn't started. I know they won't return my money, but it's the principal of my protest. Big companies and businesses usually forget they were once small, like you and me... and with their heads up in the clouds, they forget how to SEE. Let them get their foot stepped on, and see if they protest!!

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