Sunday, March 28, 2010

sunsets remembered

Spanish sunsets.... this is what I remember most about Rota, Spain. Otherwise, it's been a first week back home and delighted recently to see a really nice sunset.

I am on strike again as I look at 25+ boxes filled with my Life and memories from three years ago, then realizing that there are 20 more boxes just as full waiting for me in the states still, that I won't see for about a year. It's so overwhelming to have so much stuff, and to do it all alone. Guess one could compare it to a climber looking up from the depths at a steep sheer cliff.... how?

I've already started my reapplication for my residency permit, but dealt with more paperwork to get and submit, have decided to wait till I return sometime after May to resubmit. You wouldn't believe the stuff I have to go through this time: I actually have to get a city official to visit my apartment to ensure my living conditions and standards are acceptable! Such a change from the last time!

Now that Semana Santa has started, am hoping to get out tonight to catch one of the pasos and processions. I'll be out tonight late to snap some pixs, something I haven't done during this time in over three years!

Enjoy the fotos and here's to a wonderful Holy Week celebration, maybe without rain this year (yeaaa right).

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