Thursday, March 18, 2010

wheeeew, boxes are heavy!!!

first sunset wasn't a set, but a cloudy day I loved anyway

these two pixs show a little of the gorgeous makeover of the BCN airport! wow!

My first full day has started in my apartment. While it isn't the nightmare disaster I expected, it's still going to be a lot of work. Most of the work will be concentrated in the small bedroom where I still have over 25 boxes full of my past life, and readying that to mix with my current life. What will I do with the those 20+ boxes that is waiting to cross the Atlantic later this year? Such decisions and work....

I don't have butano (like propane and heats the water and provides cooking heat) in my apartment, and this means no hot water for me after three days of planes and airports while carrying 15+ lbs on my back, plus getting those three heavy 50lb suitcases an the big box weighing 74lbs. My microwave still works fortunately so I can heat water for a tea but cannot cook. I am in my apartment, the floor is so clear and clean, and even where the floor is filled with boxes, a few couples can easily dance their time together, manuevering and weaving through the wide expanse of floor space I lacked in SF.

I have already unpacked the folding bicycle and it withstood its trip well. I rode it around and seems the front tire is almost flat. Otherwise it's handled its journey better than me - I have red and blue bruises on my shoulders from carrying that heavy knapsack on my shoulders during those three days.

I discovered the refrigerator doors shut, resulting in a bit of work of cleaning out a lot of mildew but otherwise all seems well.

It feels great to be home, though there's lot of work to be done. A friend in Utah had sent me a letter last Monday and was shocked after going through all my "mail" dating back over a year, to find the letter had beat me!!
NOTE of 22 March: Finally got my butano Saturday night and took my first long hot shower!!!! yaaaay!!

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