Monday, June 9, 2008

Escape from Alcatraz triathlon

What a day!!! It started with a great sunrise - a great change from the usual sunsets I always observe - watching from the Marina as pelicans flew over the waters of the Bay as the sun was peeking from behind clouds hanging over the East Bay. I got my Escape from Alcatraz triathlon media pass at 6am, then drove over to close to Baker's Beach before the roads closed for the event runners. My niece had volunteered at one of the aid stations there for this year's triathlon. She also runs in such sport events but I have never participated in any type of sporting event though I'm thinner than plastic and people think I am a runner..... the last triathlon I photographed was in Algar, Spain nestled in the mountains of Cadiz province - that was a great event!

As I was so early in my arrival that I took a bit of time to explore the area around the Baker Beach bluffs and beyond. I didn't realize these trails extended so far in either direction and was able to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge in either direction. It's always a great view, not to mention the pelicans "fishing" in the surf below!

By time I hiked here, there and got back to the aid and the loud CLIF disco station, I had walked quite a bit and was out of breath...

but people were starting to show up to watch and support their friends and runners running and biking past these two positions. Walking along the route I saw the surfaces would be a mixture from biking on the road, to running on loose gravel, and even climbing a sand ladder from the beach level several hundred feet to the road. What a contrast!

The event was organized by Tri California and they put on a great show! The event's organization at the Marina was excellent and was covered by a lot of media and TV. Even if you aren't a runner or biker, these sporting events when well-organized, are great reasons to leave the house behind and to get out into the outdoors and root for those participating! Volunteers are always needed anywhere and don't think this event would be any exception. If you have a kind and caring heart that wants to get out and help with events, one can always volunteer their time ~ I'm sure they would love your time, generosity and kindness!!!

See you next year at the next Escape from Alcatraz triathlon!!

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